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New Kittens

Successful Rescue! 

I am proud to introduce the new additions to our family. Please meet Munchkin, Tux and Smokey.

Munchkin is a very timid little girl who weighs 2.9 lbs. Tux is a little boy who weighs 2.8 lbs. Tux is the first to adjust to our home and to show trust. Munchkin is a little hisser and lunges out to scare you but once you start petting her, she calms down and purrs.

Our beautiful little female is named Smokey. She weighs 1.9 lbs but is healthy. I have to work with her more to make sure she is getting food. She's extremely timid and shy but once you hold her, she relaxes and purrs. Her whiskers have been chewed off by something unknown. The vet says they will grow back. Thank goodness!

Baby Munchkin and Baby Tux

Here is a picture of the entire gang.  Each and everyone is so very precious!
Mickey - Taken to SPCA
Munchkin - Very timid female who still hisses when you get too close. 
Smokey - Just like Munchkin. I'm glad they have each other.
Tog - Taken to SPCA
Tux - Well adjusted male.  He has tons of personality and spunk!

Baby Smokey

All five kittens were rescued.

This page was created with much love & excitement on July 24, 2002.