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Meet Tinkerbell & Chloe!


Tinkerbell was a stray who was taken to the SPCA on June 16, 2005. She is 13 weeks old. She is a brown and black tiger kitten who loves to sit on your shoulders. She has a cough and we are giving her antibiotic drops twice a day for it. She also has worms and a runny eye that she is being treated for and soon she will feel like new.  We adopted her on August 16, 2005.



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Chloe was a stray who was taken to the SPCA on June 17, 2005. She was the only survivor of the litter that was brought there.  Chloe has one green eye and one blue eye. She is 11 weeks old. Chloe is on antibiotic drops for congestion. She also has a runny eye and worms. Soon she will feel like new. Chloe's adoption date is August 17, 2005.  I clipped her little nails tonight as she was getting caught in everything. She allowed me to clip all ten of them and purred while I was doing it. She loves to be touched, cuddled and loved!

Chloe weighed in at 2.2 lbs and has a clean bill of health. She will be finishing up her antibiotic real soon. Her deworming has been successful and her test for feline leukemia was negative.
Tinkerbell weighed in at 2.6 lbs and she has a breathing problem. She sounds very congested and so they did a chest xray.  The vet said it was not as bad as he suspected. He changed her antibiotic to the same one that Chloe has and we will be giving her three breathing treatments a day for at least a week. We are renting the nebulizer machine. So far she's been doing really well with the treatments as far as cooperation. I sure hope this will clear up her congestion and she can live a long and happy life.  Her deworming was also successful and she also tested negative for feline leukemia. 

Tinkerbell is getting a 15 minute breathing treatment.

Tinkerbell is getting a 15 minute breathing treatment.


Here is a growth chart for both Tinkerbell and Chloe. As you can see they have grown nicely over the last few months. They are only 7 months old so I am sure they will be growing and filling out even more!

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