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Our Lady Keesha

August 7, 1987 - February 9, 2001

Our Lady Keesha
October, 1987 was a special month for me. It was when I first saw Keesha. She was a tiny little ball of fluff with take me home eyes. 
Keesha was such a sweet dog. She was very friendly but extremely sensitive. I loved her so much.  She used to chase after Pepper and Pepper used to stalk her for hours. It was such fun to see the two of them together.  They are together again now, at Rainbow Bridge.
I'm sorry I had to move away, my dearest Keesha.  Your heart was with your daddy, he spoiled you with french fries, and I know he took good care of you, all the way until your trip to the Bridge.   This doesn't mean that I miss you any less. 
Your Mommy

Our Lady Keesha

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